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After a while, you might want to start making changes to your home to address your current needs. It may have suited your lifestyle when you were newly married but things are different now that you have a growing family. You probably welcome more space in the increasingly crowded house. Things can be extended vertically with an attic and a basement, or horizontally with a conservatory and a patio. You might also want to do a bit of redesigning just to keep things fresh and functional. Get new furniture to match your intended purpose for these new spaces.

Add a Conservatory

Conservatories are usually small room extensions at the side of the house with the majority of the walls and roof being a translucent material. In some places, they also refer to it as a sunroom or greenhouse. It was first conceptualized in the 1500s when wealthy people began to try to grow citrus fruits in their own homes. Now it is a favourite addition among those with a green thumb. It's also a great way to get as much sunlight as possible here in perennially gloomy UK with one of the best tiled conservatory roof designs along with other materials.

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Conservatory Designs

Conservatory roofs can be made using several different designs including Georgian, Victorian, Lean-to, Gable, L-shape and T-shape. Georgian conservatories have a square body with large side windows and a high sloping roof. The Victorians are the most popular thanks to their beautiful shape characterised by a bay front with multiple facets with a steeply pitched roof. Lean-tos are simple and minimalist which suit modern homes. The front of Gable sunrooms has a magnificent look with a vertical front and sloping sides. These styles can also be combined to form a larger room. For instance, a mixed Lean-to and Victorian create a P-shaped room while a mixed Lean-to and Georgian create an L-shaped room. A T-shape is made when two Gable rooms form a right angle.

Renovate the Patio

The patio can be used much like the sunroom. They are both sideway extensions that could expand the living area and be fitted to entertain guests. The biggest difference is that the former lets you enjoy the open air while the later is enclosed in glass. Patios may or may not have their own roof. It would be much better to have one installed for protection from the frequent rainfall. These are often made of wood from the floor to the railings although other options do exist. Renovate the patio if the materials are showing are showing their age. At the very least, make sure that the structure is stable and apply a new coat to protect the wood from moisture.

Outdoor Furniture

New outdoor furniture may also be brought in to add functionality to the area. Instead of just putting benches out there, get an outdoor sofa set with a durable frame and detachable cushions. Add a nice coffee table in the middle and make it the perfect venue for sunset viewings or family gatherings.